Stainless Handrails

Our external stainless handrails and balustrading is made from 316 stainless steel, fabricated to ensure an enduring resistance to corrosion. Indoors, our grade 304 stainless steel is recommended. Alongside fabricating handrails to any shape, size or length you require we also offer a number of additional features; add-ons to ensure you get exactly what you want from your handrails and balustrading, such as: 

• Stainless Steel and Glass Systems 
• Wall mounted handrails 
• Glass only systems (fixed to base channel) 

Handrails can be fabricated with flat, square, tubular or even other more exotic profiles at your order. You can choose from flat end caps, domed end caps, tapered end caps or any shape you desire. Regardless of the complexity of your specifications Tailor Made Fabricatons remains confident that we can supply whatever kind of stainless handrail you need, with assures that said handrail will please aesthetically whilst staying affordable. 

Tailor Made Fabrications will fabricate, deliver and install stainless handrails and balustrading anywhere in the UK.